Online Technical Analysis Program For Beginners
Technical Analysis for beginners has been specially designed for the ones who have basic knowledge about the stock market, have DEMAT A/C, and has been working for the past 4-5 months but face difficulty in making overall market view, in chart reading, stock selection, price/sector analysis, how to take trades, understanding of currency/commodity market. This course has been designed by Mr Sunil Minglani with such CLARITY and SIMPLICITY which resembles his own personality and compliments its tagline “BE SIMPLE BUY SIMPLE”.

Key Features of the Program

*Introduction, Basics of Technical Analysis
*What is Technical Analysis
*Types of Charts, Candlesticks Explained (SM&’s Unique Implementations)
*Price Patterns, Support, Resistance, Double/Triple, Top/Bottom, Rounded Top/Bottom (SM&’s Unique Implementations)
*Rectangle, Flags, Pennants, Triangles, Head & Shoulder, Cup with Handle (SM&’s Unique Implementations)
*Trend Lines
*Simple/Exponential moving averages (SM&’s Unique Implementations)
*GAP Analysis (SM&’s Unique Implementations)
*Indicators, RSI, MACD, MACD Histogram, *Bollinger Band (SM&’s Unique Implementations)
*Dow Theory, Fibonacci Retracements (SM&’s *Unique Implementations)
*Intraday Trading, Money Management
*Trading Psychology (SM&’s Unique Implementations)
*Practical- Candlesticks/ Pattern/ Chart *Analysis (SM&’s Unique Implementations)
*Successful Trader Rules
*How to start trading and Analysis (SM&’s *Unique Implementations)

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