Breaking Into The Wall Street- Advanced Financial Modelling

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Breaking Into The Wall Street- Advanced Financial Modelling


Breaking Into The Wall Street- Advanced Financial Modelling


Here’s How to Master Excel and VBA So You Complete Financial Models and Data Analysis in Half the Time, Automate Your Workflow, and Move Straight to the Front of the “Top-Tier Bonuses” Line

Tired of wasting time formatting spreadsheets, searching for the right shortcut keys or formulas, or looking up random VBA code snippets online while your VP is tapping his foot, waiting for that model update the client wanted yesterday? Then the BIWS Excel & VBA Course is the solution you’ve been looking for…

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Excel & VBA is the only course on the market at any price that teaches you how to master Excel specifically as it is used in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, and other finance roles.

Here’s just a small sliver of what you’ll learn, and how it will save you hours so you can leave the office earlier while being twice as productive:

  • Optimize Your Excel Setup: The first and most important step is to customize your Excel setup and add the most common commands to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). This process alone will save you hours, but most people don’t do it, or they set it up incorrectly. Then, you can save even more time by installing our custom macros package, with support for color formatting, number format cycling, print formatting, flash fill, error wraps, anchor toggling, table of contents insertion, graph/chart automation, and more.
  • Master Navigation and Formatting: These are the key building blocks you’ll need for any spreadsheet – so you’ll learn the fundamentals of the ribbon menu, editing and deleting cells/rows/columns, relative and absolute references, naming and jumping to cells, entering formulas and copying and pasting them efficiently, and manipulating worksheets. Then, you’ll learn how to select the right fills, fonts, borders, and alignments, and how to clean up data, set up custom number formats, how to color code and use conditional formatting, and how to prepare your files for printing.


  • Become a Formula Guru: You’ll start with the fundamentals, such as the equals sign, single and double quotes, and ampersands, and then move into logical, arithmetic, and financial functions. Then, you’ll learn about lookup functions (HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, and XLOOKUP), INDEX and MATCH, INDIRECT, array functions, CHOOSE and OFFSET, circular references, auditing formulas, sensitivity tables, goal seek, solver, and more. These formulas are critical for financial models as well as data analysis – and you’ll know them like the back of your hand.
  • Slice and Dice Data Like a Pro: When you need to complete “due diligence” for an acquisition or potential investment, analysis of customer and employee data is critical. So, you’ll learn how to slice and dice data to get quick results, including data tables, Power Query, SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT, database functions, pivot tables, Excel’s internal data model, and Power Pivot. These features make it easier to highlight trends and draw quick conclusions.


  • Insert and Format Finance-Specific Graphs and Charts: You’ll learn how to insert and format everything from line/column/pie charts to graphs for valuation multiples, price-volume graphs for company stock prices, waterfall bridge charts, and the “football field” valuation graph. And you’ll learn how to create dynamic charts with checkboxes and scroll bars for additional control.
  • Automate Your Work with VBA: You’ll super-charge your productivity by learning how to record and edit macros and write VBA code to automate many of the tasks taught in the earlier parts of the course, such as formatting financial models and preparing them for printing. These lessons cover variable declaration, Special Cell selection, IF/ELSE/ELSEIF, “For Each” loops, arrays, dictionaries, string functions, filling ranges and converting formulas, user-defined functions, and more. You’ll create a useful set of macros that you can export to any Excel file and use in all your future projects.
  • Learn by Watching and Practicing Yourself: This is not a passive collection of video clips of some weird guy on YouTube explaining things; most lessons include practice exercises so you can test your knowledge and get even faster with shortcuts and formulas. You’ll build a financial model and valuation of Walmart along the way, so you gain practice with both the mechanics of Excel and the setup of financial models.


  • Detailed Written Guides and Word-for-Word Transcripts: Video is great, but sometimes you want it in writing as well. So, each module in the course comes with a written guide covering all the key topics, with screenshots, annotated diagrams, alternate examples, and more. Altogether, there are 8 written guides with over 240 pages of explanations. And if you want even more detail, just take a look at the word-for-word transcripts for all 74 lessons.
  • Separate Coverage of PC/Windows and Mac Excel: The first two modules focus on keyboard shortcuts, which vary significantly between PC and Mac Excel, so we cover them in separate lessons. That way, you can focus on your system without wasting time learning shortcuts you’ll never use.
  • Track Your Progress and Take Notes: Check off each lesson as you go and take notes so you can make your study time fast and productive. You can even print out all your notes at once when you find out about that interview tomorrow morning, and you need a quick review of the entire course.


  • Test Yourself with End-of-Module Quizzes: In addition to following along and completing exercises, you’ll also answer quiz questions at the end of each module in the course. Full answer keys and explanations for all the quiz questions are also provided.
  • Expert Support: We have a team of experienced investment bankers standing by to respond to your questions, comments, and emails 365 days per year, for a full 24 months after purchase. This is like having your own Excel “wingman” on tap – and you never know when you’ll need that tip that saves you 3 hours and lets you go home early!


  • Unconditional 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee: We’re so convinced that Excel & VBA is the most practical and effective program of its kind that it comes with an unconditional, 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. That’s how much we believe in these courses.
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