Digital Dhairya – Personal Branding Bundle Course✅

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Digital Dhairya – Personal Branding Bundle


Digital Dhairya - Personal Branding Bundle✅


About Digital Dhairya

For the last five years, we have been perfecting the art of content creation on social media and making ‘7-Figure Income’ out of it. Here you will learn: Who we help, what we do, our philosophy & My story.

Who we help:

We help beginner creators, amateur creators, and professional creators ( basically, anybody who creates content or wishes to become a content creator). We only work with serious content creators who really want to grow their social media presence with our guidance and training. These creators already have accounts on social media but they lack the structures, systems, teams, tools, strategies, and guidance on how to become professional content creators.


Digital Dhairya - Personal Branding Bundle Course


My Story

When I was in school, I aspired to become a cricketer. In college, I tried modeling and acting also. But I was not sure about the long term then. Then I came to know about Digital Marketing. So we can say that my career started with the completion of my graduation in 2017. I started learning and practicing Digital marketing in 2017.

After learning all the skills needed, I worked as a Senior Client relationship executive at the Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM) for 1 year. In 2018, I got selected as a Digital marketing executive at Speaking Tiger Pvt Ltd. At that time, I was so passionate about my youtube channel and started recording videos after office hours. Yeah, that was really hard but I am passionate about teaching people so I started to teach Digital Marketing on Youtube.

Finally, a time came in 2019 when I decided to quit my job and started building my personal brand through content creation. It was a long and tough time for me but after 3 years of consistent efforts and patience, Dhairya Singh Chauhan made himself a brand named Digital Dhairya.

I would describe myself as a Creators Coach by profession and an entrepreneur by heart. So after continuously making content, in 2020, I received the Silver play button from Youtube. Also started my marketing agency and helped many companies to achieve their targets through digital marketing. Meanwhile, I have given 150+ marketing consultations to various business owners/ marketing executives. After that, the pandemic hit and I had to stop my marketing agency. But I didn’t stop there.

In the past few months, I have been able to build a profitable content creation business and have started my digital marketing agency named Connecting Media as well because I realized the power of a personal brand on social media. I believe that the current scenario of content creation can be improved and people can launch massive education businesses via these platforms. That’s why I started Creators Legacy to help these creators grow fast.

In short, if you ask me what I do. I am a brand builder and take businesses to the next level with my profit-maximizing strategies

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