Finance With Sharan Course

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Finance With Sharan

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Finance With Sharan



It is better to understand what we will give you. As you buy this course we will give you 24 Lectures of SHARAN . It includes various Masterclass and QA sessions of both. None of the tools can’t be shared so they will also not be given.

But why should I get in Sharan?

Good question- but can I ask you – why shouldn’t you get in?

Would It Hurt You If:


  • Did you feel more confident about your finances in life- starting from education to big purchases like a car and home, to a crucial decision like marriage?
  • You knew more about finances than EVERYONE else in your circle- and automatically grew your wealth faster than an average person?
  • You Get Richer every day by making better financial planning and crucial investing decisions that make all the difference in life… BUT SCHOOLS FORGET TO TEACH YOU.

The truth is that most Indians

  • Can’t even openly talk about finances due to social conditioning.
  • Have seen parents or close relatives go through financial crisis, yet due to the taboo, are rarely able to have an open conversation.
  • Often struggle with finances- especially in unpredictable circumstances (which most definitely are always a part of life).
  • Do not even know the ifs and buts of schemes and policies they buy- thus losing on lakhs of rupees potentially.
  • Have no system or strategy to plan their finances. Remember how strategically you prepared for your 12th exam whose marksheet is rarely needed? Then why do we tend to have no plan, no strategy for something that is about our whole LIFE?
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