Fundamentals of Investing

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Fundamentals of Investing! Course Download 2021


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  • Gain basic knowledge about investing in financial markets
  • choose investments suitable to your risk profile
  • write up your own investment plan
  • Evaluate the investments that are suggested to you by your investment adviser
  • Students do not need any prior knowledge to take this course.
  • No specific software required

This course is a complete package for novice investors, Investment and Finance aspirants and finance students. The course is structured in 9 lectures on basic investment topics and demos on how to use financial websites to select stocks and mutual funds.

The first video, Investment basics, gives you an introduction on the basic information you must be aware of before you start investing in the financial markers. The second video will educate you on the Golden rules of Investing, while the third video will discuss the basic components of an Investment plan.

The 4th, 5th and 6th videos will talk about tools that you can use to assess your risk profile, educate you on the common investment opportunities, and help you prepare your asset mix respectively.

The 7th video will give a demo on how to write your own Investment plan. The 8th Video will help you choose stocks suitable for your risk profile and the 9th and Final video will give a demo on selection of suitable mutual funds.

The videos are crisp and concise, with a duration of 5 to 17 minutes, depending upon the depth of the topic being discussed.

You must take this course if you want a basic understanding of finance in just a few days and be equipped with knowledge to handle your own investments.

  • Those course is most suitable for those aspiring a career in finance, banking etc and those planning to manage their own investments. It is also beneficial for those who are afraid of Investment jargon and are looking for someone to explain the investment world to them in easy and simple words.
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