Learn How Scalp Trading Works By G.Bhardwaj Scalper

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Learn How Scalp Trading Works


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What you’ll learn

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Understand how scalping works

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Learn how to select stocks and active sectors for scalping

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Understand how the strategy works with the help of examples

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Develop the trading psychology and discipline required

Snap! Scalp traders get in and out of the markets within seconds. The maximum a time a trade lasts is about 2 minutes – this makes for specialised skills to become a scalper. This lesson explore the upsides and the downsides of scalping.

How to select stocks for scalping?

Bharadwaj explains how to select stocks for the scalping strategy. Learn how to pick the steaming sectors and how to trade a stock out of that hot sector.

The strategy
Let’s jump right in. In this lesson we will learn the rules of stock selection, entry and exit rules. We’ll take SBI as an example to show the strategy in action.
Live trades & money management
We’ll put what we have learnt into action and see the trades LIVE. G.Bharadwaj takes trades live over a week to show his loss days and his profit days. It’s incredible to watch such a skilled trader read the markets and use statistics to his advantage.

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