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Program Description:
In these advanced price action learning sessions, you’ll get playback simulations to enhance your learning experience. In-depth Trading Psychology and Risk Management will be taken care of.
Few things to highlight about the sessions.
• Ultimate Price Action right from basics
• Recorded Sessions – You can watch at your own time & pace
• Playback Simulations
• 10 Q&A recording session videos
• Even a beginner can learn to trade like a Pro
• Explained in a Simple & Effective way.
Fee Breakup / Bonuses: 
The Offer fee for the entire package is Rs. 5,999/-.
Along with the sessions, enrolled members will be getting below bonuses.
• 1 year access to institutional Zones Indicator Acess along with alert system
• 1 year access to our Premium Discord community
• Lifetime access to 400+ pages Interactive E-Book summarizing the course concepts
• Bonus session on F&O / Derivatives covering – basics of F&O, Option Chain Analysis, Premium Decay & more option concepts
About the organizer:
Myself Arun, from Mindfluential Trading. I am a qualified CA and have trading experience equivalent to 6 years in just 4 years due to my extended screen time all the day for months together. I was able to spend that much of my time as I quit my Job to kickstart my startup journey. Alongside trading is something which fascinates me just for the fact that it has so much potential to make oneself independent and can do it from literally anywhere without being dependant on anyone except yourselves.
The freedom that I get from trading is what motivates me. Wanted to share the entire trading secrets that I learned through world-class traders, Ebooks, Podcasts, Experience & In-depth understanding of trading psychology & a touch of spirituality.

Course Curriculum

Part 1:
1 What is Price Action Trading
2 Anatomy of Candlestick Analysis
3 Volume Analysis
4 All about Support & Resistances, Demand & Supply Zones
5 Trends & Trend Lines
6. Chart Phases
7 Putting it all together
Part 2:
9 Effective Chart Patterns
10 Assignment Discussion
11 Playback Market Simulations
12 Mastering Breakouts & Breakdowns Trades
13 How to Identify Fakeouts & Trade Them
Part 3:
14 Plotting important levels on the chart
15 Understanding Trading View tools & how to use the free trading view version in the best way possible
16 Central Pivot Range – CPR
17 EMA & SMA secrets
18 Entry / Exit Strategies
19 How to effectively place stop loss & ride trends
Part 4:
20 Risk Management – Risk Reward & Position Sizing.
21 Trading Psychology.
22 In-depth Analysis & solutions on Trading with Emotions
[ Fear / Greed / Regret / Hope / Frustration / Happiness ]
23 How to Maintain Effective Trading & Emotional Journal & very interactive way to review it. Explained using a free web application called Notion.
25 Why most of the traders have a hard time becoming profitable & How to gain a trading Edge in Trading
26 Trade Like A Monk – Trading Meditations & Trading Affirmations
Part 5:
27 How to Select Stocks for trading
28 Sector Comparision with stocks & Index Comparision
29. Volume Profile Analysis
30. Divergence Concept
29 How to use Institutional Zones & Alert System
30 Using Fibonacci levels in the right way to find high probable trades
32 Heikin Ashi candlestick hacks
Part 6 – Bonus Session:
33. About Futures & Options
34. Strike price Selections in Options
35. How to read the Option Chain data like a Pro
36. How to Keep Stoploss in Options
37. Understanding the Premium Decay concept in Detail
38. Option Selling Vs Option Buying




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