MoneyBall CryptoDomination 101 Course

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MoneyBall – CryptoDomination 101


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  •  What are CryptoCurrencies?
  •  Differences between Crypto and FIAT
  • Why does the government and the banks hate the idea of Cryptocurrencies?
  • ​Public Key and Private key
  • ​Why are so many coins made? Do we really need so many?
  • ​Major differences between cryptocurrencies
  • ​What are smart contracts?
  • ​What is blockchain?
  • ​What are Alt coins and Tokens?
  • ​What is an ICO?
  • ​What is pump and dump?
  • ​What are stable coins? And it’s uses.
  • ​What is Blockchain and how does it work?
  • ​How is Blockchain Decentralised?
  • ​Who are Miners and what is mining?
  • ​What is forking?
  • ​What is BTC Halving?
  • ​Understanding Tokenomics
  • ​Decentralised and Centralised crypto exchanges
  • ​How to store crypto? Hot and cold wallets
  • ​Differences between these two wallets
  • ​Different types of Market Participants
  • ​How’s crypto different from other Markets?
  • ​Buying & Selling of crypto in various pairs
  • ​What are derivatives?
  • ​How do perpetual contracts work?
  • ​What is Funding fee?
  • ​How do you analyse the markets?
  • ​What is VIX, how to make use of it?
  • ​What is BTC Dominance? And it’s effects


  •  Why does the price of an asset move?
  •  What is short selling and short covering?
  • ​Different phases of markets
  • ​How to read charts?
  • ​What are Candle sticks, patterns?
  • ​Different Chart patterns and psychology behind them
  • ​Understanding supply and Demand
  • ​When to rely on chart patterns and candlestick patterns
  • ​Multi Time frame analysis
  • ​What are indicators? Understanding the top 5 indicators.
  • ​Why indicators can be used in the crypto markets


  •  Most retail traders lose money in failed patterns, but why?
  • ​Smart money concepts
  • ​Why and how are markets manipulated?
  • ​What are liquidity pools?
  • ​Understanding Order Blocks
  • ​What are imbalances?
  • ​Refining the supply demand zone
  • ​Using market structure to develop and edge
  • ​Using SMC to form and execute valid trades (Entry, Exit points)
  • ​Open interest and how to anticipate moves based of it
  • ​A top down analysis chart before opening and exiting a Trade
  • ​Risk Management
  • ​Position sizing
  • ​A Proven method of never blowing your account
  • ​Noob V/S Pro Trader = Major Differences and how to become a Pro


  •  How and where to buy Crypto?
  • ​Transferring crypto from wallet to wallet
  • ​Converting crypto to FIAT
  • ​What is P2P?
  • ​How to open and account in Binance?
  • ​Different brokers you need
  • ​Placing buy-sell orders and stop-losses
  • ​Understanding leverage and how to use it?
  •  Should you trade crypto options?
  • ​How to use trading view
  • ​How to make use of coin market cap for crypto research
  • ​Various websites that make our lives easy
  • ​Tips and tricks to become a successful Trader


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