Prosenjit Ghosh MasterClass

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Prosenjit Ghosh- Master Class – Advanced price action


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  • Learn and Trade the Candlestick Price Chart in a completely new way. (No Special Software’s required for Analysis, neither any Indicators or Oscillators or Odd Enhancers or Moving Averages or Pivot Points required to Trade.)
  • Understand the Institutional Trap Curve in-depth and its implication in Trading.
  • Learn to read FEAR and GREED in the Chart.
  • Learn about the Institutional Tradeable Trap Zones and Hidden Zones.
  • Learn to take perfection Entry and Exit’s.
  • Experience High Reward and Low Risk Trades with small Stop-losses.
  • Learn all the Advanced Unconventional Price Patterns.
  • Learn all about Gaps.
  • Learn to identify the Trend in a new way and always play in the direction of the Trend.
  • Be the first to find out the End of Trend and the Trend Reversal points with Trap trading strategies.
  • Advanced Trend Analysis, helps you to identify the True and False Trends easily.
  • RIDE the REAL trend, right from the ORIGIN to the END and the REVERSE.
  • Enter a Trade MUCH AHEAD of EVERY OTHER Analysis in market.
  • Learn the Proprietary, ”What If Stop-loss” Strategy.
  • Learn to read Liquidity Risk and Order Flow.
  • Learn about Price Approach. (When to take a trade or when to pullout).
  • Learn to read the Broader Market, Stock Scanning & Trade Management.
  • Trade any market OR Any instrument like Cash, Futures, Options, Forex or Commodities.
  • Trade Any Timeframe – Intraday, Swing, Positional or Long Term.
  • Learn Multi Time Frame Analysis for both Entry and Exit’s.
  • With Analysis of Price Behaviour and contemporary Concepts, this program clearly moves you to the top of the EDGE.





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