Slow Growth Academy By Matt D’avella

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Slow Growth Academy By Matt D’avella


 Slow Growth Academy By Matt D'avella


Hey, I’m
Matt D’Avella

I’m a full-time YouTuber, director of two Netflix documentaries, and someone who’s always been obsessed with change.

But despite what you may see online, I did not start out with my shit together.

I was once a scrawny 20 year old with $97k in student debt, a tragic haircut, and no choice but to move back into my parents’ basement.

Like you, I spent years stuck in my own vicious habit-building cycle.

I’d feel motivated for a week (usually after listening to way too much Tony Robbins), only to get derailed by an impending project deadline, a party I had to be at, or an emotional rut.

But then one day became Day One.

I woke up one Wednesday determined to start working out consistently.

That one day turned into a week.

A week turned into a month.

And 3 months in, that habit became an integral part of my routine.

(Plus, I could finally perform deadlifts without keeling over!)

But that’s not all.

The momentum I gained from mastering that ONE habit created a ripple effect that transformed the rest of my life.

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