Trader In Action SL Hunting Course

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Trader In Action SL Hunting Course


Trader In Action SL Hunting Course

TIME PERIOD :- 03h:10m

Created By Trader In Action


Course Content

12 lessons

Understanding SL Hunting Concept

11 mins 2 secs

Retailer vs Smart Money

20 mins 15 secs

Why Market Always Follow Smart Money ?

7 mins 21 secs

How Price Reacts to Support & Resistance regarding SL Hunting Concept

45 mins 22 secs

Psychology & Smart Money Action on S/R

8 mins 58 secs

How to Find SL on Previous Day Chart

15 mins 36 secs

How Market Activate Buyer & Sellers Through Chart Patterns

6 mins 53 secs

BankNifty-Nifty Sidewatching

10 mins 27 secs

Timeframe For SL Hunting & TimeZone & How to Draw Levels

6 mins 55 secs

How to Choose Strike Price & Set Target-Stoploss

7 mins 31 secs

How to Read Market Sentiment

32 mins 11 secs

How to Start Trading With SL Hunting, Accuracy, Discipline

17 mins 37 secs


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