Sunil Minglani Neo Waves Course

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Neo Wave Explained

Neo Wave Explained has been specially designed for the ones who have basic knowledge about the stock market and has been working for the past 8-10 months. He/She should be well versed with the overall market view having knowledge in chart reading, stock selection, trends, price/sector analysis, etc. This program will give you a brief glimpse of the formation and working of the Elliot waves in the market.  It is based on the idea that the market forms the same types of patterns on a smaller timeframe (lesser degree) that it does on a longer timeframe (higher degree)This course has been designed by Dr Sanjay Sinha.


Key Features of the Program:


*What is a ‘Wave’
*Forms of Elliott wave
*Essential Tenents of Elliott Wave
*Typical Characteristics of ‘Wave’
*Corrective Construction Rules
*Conditional corrective construction rules
*Channeling Technique
*Pattern confirmation
*Identifying the completion of wave
*Where to start count
*Building a Neo wave trading plan
*Price projecting and Targets
*Trade strategy
*Application of rules & guideline on live charts



Sunil Miglani Neo Wave Sunil Miglani Neo Wave Sunil Miglani Neo Wave Sunil Miglani Neo Wave

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