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We are happy to introduce you with our new initiative??Price Action Journey?. The motive of this Live webinar classes will be to -?Teach trading on naked charts to anyone!?Whole webinar will be interactive and Live conducted by Rohit Sir on Zoom meeting. There will be total 5 classes.?3 Theory?classes and?2 Practical?Classes. The first 3 classes will be held on weekends (Saturdays/Sundays). In which we will cover Theoretical knowledge about different concepts of Price Action Trading which I personally use. The next 2 practical classes will be held in Live market, in which I will teach by?Live Trading in Stocks and Bank Nifty Practically!
Detailed Course Content:


Chapter 1 (Live Theory Class)
The first session will be on the detailing of Price action, that is everything there is to learn about price action. Starting right from the basics of what price action trading is and taking a detailed look at some of the golden rules in the field of price action. Another important aspect that would be discussed is the skill to identify and understand trends. But just understanding trends won’t help you make money, for that we need a trading strategy. When equipped with a trading strategy, a trader can acknowledge certain parameters like, when to buy and sell, where to buy and sell, and exactly how to buy and sell, and these parameters will be discussed for each and every time frame.
With experience of over 3000 students, we at VP financials help you avoid and overcome the mistakes made by our students in the past. This helps you develop a risk free and solid strategy for trading. An important tool to be discussed in price action trading is Fibonacci, with this tool a trader can accurately buy at a drop or sell at a resistance level. Price action is a versatile concept, this webinar will focus its application on intraday trading. This webinar will also cover the most difficult aspect of intraday trading, retailers usually find it difficult to make a choice of stock while trading in the market. We will help you develop certain filters that will enable you to select the perfect stock corresponding to the day.
You will start getting lifetime Daily Assignments right from the very first day. The assignments will be focused on Chart reading and Drawing which will be helpful to analyse charts in live market at just one glance.
Chapter 2 (Live Theory Class)
The second session will be a detailed coverage of Patterns for Profit Maximization and some smart trading actions which I personally implement! A part of this session will be dedicated to the observation of patterns as Channel Patterns, Head and Shoulder Patterns, Flag Patterns, Cup and Handle Patterns, Double Top Pattern, Double Bottom Pattern, Wedge Pattern etc. The focus will be on the implementation of price action in these prevailing patterns to get the optimum output. Now comes the Most interesting part of the session, How to understand game of big players through pyramiding buying and selling. In which we will understand how we can catch the operators move and find a perfect opportunity for trading. Later on we will discuss GOT ? Game Of Thrones (Operators) Strategy. In which you will get the exact idea how and when to apply this strategy to maximize the profits. As market gives Gaps sometimes, we can also take it for our advantage. So the next topic will be of How to trade Gaps in the market smartly. At last, to complete the session we will discuss story-based trading, which is my personal backbone of taking a particular trade.
Chapter 3 (Live Theory Class)
The third session of the series will discuss the concept of Money Management which is the very big obstacle in every trader?s journey. This will include important topics like Intraday Money Management Concept. I will discuss my personal life experience of why money management is the most important aspect of your trading journey and what formulas I used to grow gradually over these years. Also, if a trader is into swing trading – what money management concept should he be adapting. The third part of this session will empower the traders with the appropriate knowledge needed for the selection for the stocks for swing trading. But swing trading cannot be executed without a fundamental analysis. So, in the last part we will be discussing over how to fundamentally select the stocks in just few minutes!
Chapter 4 (Live Trading with Rohit Sir)
In this session I will be Trading Live In front of you in Bank Nifty. You will get the exact idea how I seat in front of the terminal and find the best opportunity to execute trade without any fear or greed. How I execute my story-based trading Live!
Chapter 5 (Live Trading with Rohit Sir)
As Price Action applies on all the instruments and many of us are into equity intraday trading. So, in this session I will be Live Trading in stocks in front of you. We will discuss how I select the stocks one day ago and how I execute the trades in it in the Live market.
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