Investing 101 With Shashank Udupa Course


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Investing 101 With Shashank Udupa Course


Investing 101 With Shashank Udupa Course


Introduction of Mentor

Shashank holds a masters’ degree and started his career as an investment banker. He is a passionate entrepreneur with an unparallel success record. He is the founding member of Avalon Labs, and Avalon Meta – a ‘FREE’ platform where people can learn skills from top professionals. All his ventures are hailing success.

But he has an even greater mission – making the youth of India finance-savvy and helping them achieve financial freedom.

Shashank is probably the ‘solo warrior’ relentlessly fighting to de-root financial illiteracy in India from the core. His target ‘student’ is the youth of the country who are at their early phase of earning and investing. And who could be a more competent teacher for finance and investment, than an ex-investment banker turned entrepreneur?

Course Overview

  • How to plan your investing journey from zero/scratch
  • Learn A-Z of investing in 47 days or less
  • Complete A-Z investing Blueprint for beginners to help them grow their money
  • You’re making money. But is your money, making money?
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