Kundan Kishore Trading Course

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Kundan Kishore-A complete course on Stock Market Trading Course Download

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  • 100+ video lectures.
  • 50+ hours of video content.
  • Live doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Tests, Quizzes and case studies.
  • Research report writing with certification.
Traditional players have made the field of the stock market a mystery. And to solve this mystery, they charge hefty fees for their course, which is another mystery. Indians have been losing money in the market from decades as the hidden secrets have been kept away from them. We have been taught the wrong concepts and practices. It is one complete course through which I, Kundan Kishore, have tried to address every aspect of the stock market in an affordable way for every Indian.
  • Learn all hidden secrets, myths and trivia of the stock market.
  • Learn to identify good stocks/share to invest.
  • Learn to manage your stock investment portfolio.
  • Learn to manage the risk of stock market investments.
  • Learn to trade in options profitably.
  • Learn to use technical analysis effectively.
  • Learn how to make a career in the stock market.
  • Learn about significant historical events of the stock market.
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